Meet Farmhouse Culture

Farmhouse Culture has been on the cutting edge of fermented foods since its founder, Kathryn Lukas, started selling her sauerkraut in a local Santa Cruz farmers’ market in 2008. Since then Farmhouse Culture® has quickly risen as a category leader in probiotic-rich foods and beverages. Fueled by growing consumer demand for gut-healthy foods, the company has expanded its product offerings beyond the Krauts it was founded on to include four varieties of fermented vegetables, Gut Shots™ probiotic drink line, and Kraut Krisps™, a line of kraut-based snacks such as Fermented Vegetables which includes beets, carrots, cauliflower and more, and a recent launch into the snack category with Kraut Krisps™, a chip made with 50 percent sauerkraut.

Farmhouse Culture products are available in select natural and specialty retailers across the country.