Meet Kite Hill™

Kite Hill creates innovative delicious plant-based vegan foods using classic culinary traditions and premium ingredients. From velvety smooth nut milk yogurts, dairy-free almond milk cream cheeses, buttery fresh almond milk ricotta, plant-based dips to various rich pasta varieties, Kite Hill make it their work to continually craft irresistible foods that vegans and non-vegans crave.

“Plant-based used to be more synonymous with sacrifice than with taste,” said John Haugen, Vice President and Managing Director of 301 INC, General Mills’ venture capital arm. “Now, companies like Kite Hill are able to deliver plant-based products that rival dairy equivalent products in text, texture and total food experience.”

“It takes a great deal of passion, ingenuity and technical competency to transform plants into great tasting foods – which is our inspiration at Kite Hill,” said Rob Leibowitz, chief executive officer of Kite Hill. “When we achieve our goals it results in wonderful foods that taste great, do great things for the environment and ultimately makes our consumers and customers feel great. We believe in the power of a plant-based lifestyle to make us feel good from the inside, out.”