Meet No Cow

No Cow Bars that are packed with protein and low in sugar, as well as a line of nut butters. All the items in the portfolio are free of dairy.

Daniel “D” Katz, who first started as an entrepreneur when he was just 11, says he founded No Cow at the age of 18 because he wanted a protein enriched snack that didn’t rely on dairy or was packed with high-sugar fruits. “What was on the market were candy bars in disguise,” he said. “For me personally being into health and fitness, sugar is my biggest enemy.”

So he worked to create a brand of bars that contain between 20 and 22 grams of protein, 160 to 220 calories, and 1 gram (or less) of sugar. “It is a great way to get your protein in without creating a full meal,” Katz said. That plays into a growing trend of consumers looking to add protein to their diet, resulting in more sales of protein bars, meaty snacks, Greek yogurt, and protein drinks.

“We think the combination of a bar that offers a plant-based source of protein along with low sugar is a great combination and very on trend with what consumers are looking for today,” says John Haugen, vice president and general manager of 301 Inc.