Meet Rhythm Superfoods

Rhythm Super Foods, formed in 2010, is an Austin-based snack company focused on nutrient-dense, real-food treats that are both healthy and delicious. Popular products include kale chips, beet chips, broccoli bites and roasted kale in several unique flavors.

The mantra is: At Rhythm Superfoods, we believe a positive mind, eating right, and staying active are the keys to health and happiness. Superfoods are our passion, and all-good snacking is our mission. We’re here to help you find your rhythm…. So you never miss a beat!

CEO Scott Jensen is excited to have teamed up with 301 INC of General Mills during the early stages of his company’s journey. “We welcome the strong help and looking forward to engaging in the breath of expertise 301 INC has to offer,” Jensen says.

In the spirit of a true partnership, John Haugen, vice president and general manager of 301 Inc. adds “We’re thrilled to help Rhythm Superfoods scale their vision and amplify their existing efforts with an investment of not only capital, but the tremendous resources that General Mills can offer.”